Now that New York Fashion Week is officially over, and Autumn is just a few days away, it’s time to plan your fall getaway and take a break from the city scene. With breathtaking views, what better way to escape, unplug from technology and unwind from the concrete jungle than a custom-built cabin nestled in nature with a floor to ceiling glass window bringing all the nature feels inside. Getaway is a three-year-old start-up that has transformed the idea of glamping, providing you with “everything you need and nothing that you don’t” says founder and CEO Jon Staff. It’s thoughtful design allows for guests to go to sleep gazing up at the night sky and wake up with the sun. “There’s no TV, no internet, not a bunch of extra rooms you don’t need, and the result is that everything is stripped away so you can just focus on you and the people you came with.” 

Your tiny cabin is waiting for you here.

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